Community Stages Application Form

WEMF2011 wants you! This year’s event will feature multiple community stages. A community stage is one that is created, funded and operated by WEMF ticket holders who want a chance to give back to the community as a whole. Think of your wildest vision coming alive for all to see. Put it on paper and KAPOW – It might just happen!  Community stages must be pre-approved by WEMF2011 through a simple application process and space is limited. We are looking for creative ideas in music, art and culture. In short, community stages should add something new and creative to the event whether that be musical styles, crazy interactive art, or anything else you can come up with. The process starts by submitting your concept to us via the form below, where the folks behind WEMF will consider each concept and approve those they feel will bring the most to the event. Please see application template below.

Community Stages application form

community stage application form.
  • Your full name
  • Discribe your stage theme in 150 words or less
  • Are you bringing your own sound equipment, dj gear etc.
  • List your artists and schedule
  • Do you have decorations?
  • Enter the number of people in your crew.
  • (please attach drawing, pictures or whatever you think can bring greater understanding of your stage)

Please give us time to go through all the requests! The Community Stages will be announced 60 days prior to the show and posted on for all to see. Please note that not all applications will be approved and that those that are approved must agree to independently fund their stage and obtain tickets for the event.