Comedy Records Showcase @ Centre camp

Barry Taylor

“It’s only a matter of time — months rather than years — before the music business establishment completely folds.” It was after reading this quote from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke that Barry Taylor thought, ‘I gotta get in on this action while I’ve still got time.’ A few weeks later, he launched Comedy Records.Whether he’s running the label or performing stand up comedy in various watering holes and schools across the country the end goal for Barry remains the same: fur coats.

“When you’re a comedian it’s tough to pull off a fur coat,” explains Taylor. “But if you run a record label, fur coats aren’t just accepted, they’re expected. It’s awesome.”

While his chinchilla stroller may be faux, his successes over the years have been quite real. Barry has appeared multiple times on MTV, Much Music, Raptors NBA TV, AUX TV and 102.1 the Edge FM and written for the Comedy Network and Google.

Julia Hladkowicz

Julia Hladkowicz is a comedian and actor who has won numerous awards in the world of comedy such as the Hogtown Comedy Festival Directors Award, 2008 Fresh Meat Showcase Nomination, the prestigious Brian Linehan Scholarship Award and was crowned Last Comic Smoking.“Julia Hladkowicz is not only pretty, but super funny!” This blonde dynamo is a rising star at YukYuks and just landed a US National commercial for Lindt Chocolate with tennis icon Roger Federer.

She recently returned from a California tour where she performed at Punchline Comedy Club, The Improv, The Comedy Store and Flapper’s Comedy Club. She is also the host and producer of Grindhouse Comedy, a bi-monthly stand-up show.

Tim Golden

Throughout his childhood Tim struggled for recognition alongside his childhood rival, the famed Buttonball Tree. Both were scions of Sunderland, Massachusetts, but only one of them could hold the title of: second largest sycamore tree east of the Mississippi. When his dreams of arboresque acclaim failed to take root, Tim gave comedy a try.He has done okay. He has appeared in clubs throughout North America, sans Mexico. He has made multiple appearances at the Boston Comedy Festival. He also maintains a continuing place on the Yuk Yuks Canadian tour, and he has a Facebook account. With or without photosynthesis, Tim is giving that giving tree something to think about…big jerk.

Matt O’Brian

Now that I’m a comic I’ve got my own place.I’ve got a bachelor apartment the size of the stove that’s already in it, which I don’t really mind. It’s small and encourages me to get outside because if I stay in it for more than 6 hours I start to get anxious and nose bleedy.

I always thought it’d be hilarious to hang out with a guy that got a nose bleed and fainted anytime something traumatic happened…even if it wasn’t a huge deal. He was just bleedy and falling over all the time. It would make what I’m doing seem way more intense.

Nothing would pump you up more if you hung out with a group of guys that fainted at the drop of a hat when you made any kind of decision.

I might start walking around with a herd of those fainting goats so when I enter rooms I can scream and my goats will go fainting all over the room. Then the janitor would quit his job because he’d be like, “nobody pays me to clean up goats.”

2010 XM Radio’s Canada’s Top Comic, Appearances on MTV, Much Music, BITE TV’s Stand Up and BITE ME, Q107’s Funniest Person With a Day Job

Monty Scott

Some say Monty Scott has exceptional regenerative healing powers making it impossible to tell his age. More sensible people say that’s the most ridiculous thing they have ever heard.

Some say Monty Scott is the voice of his generation. Very few people say that, however a small group of recovering pcp addicts were adamant.

It’s been said he has a magical way with women. It’s not been said by any women that we’re aware of.

Standing 6′5 Monty Scott is an imposing presence. Standing at his actual hight of 5′8, he is considerably less imposing.

Monty Scott is well known for his singing voice, but that is not really a good thing.

In high school Monty Scott was voted most likely to succeed. Needless to say, it was not a very good high school.

Monty Scott was chosen to represent Canada for high jump in the 2008 Olympic games.
It turns out this was a terrible choice as Monty Scott would best be described as, “not at all a high jumper”.

Monty Scott has worked closely Jack Nicholson on a number of projects. No, not that Jack Nicholson.

Tom Hanks once said Monty Scott is the Forrest Gump of genius. He was later hospitalized for exhaustion.

Monty Scott was integral in the creation of Kevin Federline’s debut album. Unfortunately, that has been verified.